Printdomain is a print shop for print shoppers; a virtual PRINT SUPERMARKET serving the needs of designers, printers, authors, publishers, corporate bodies and the desktop publishing market. We work directly from your files and turn your ideas into commercially printed products.

 The best way to send us your work is by PDF (Portable Document File) these are the files we use internally and the best way to transport print between print buyers and printers; when used correctly they will store everything we need to turn your project into a beautifully printed masterpiece. However, nothing is perfect and not all PDFs are created equal, so for this reason we pre-flight check all incoming PDFs and notify you of any potential problems before we go to print.


Whatever your project, send us the whole job in a single file (if possible). The document should be laid out in single pages in consecutive order and in the final size you want created, such as A6, A5, A4 etc. You do not need to worry about final page order - if it’s a booklet or book we take care of that and there is no need to try creating printers spreads, bleed area, colour bars, crop marks or anything else that other printers might ask for. There is no need to worry about converting photographs from RGB or spot colours to CMYK, our clever software will take care of all this.

The only 3 things we ask are that you:

  • embed your fonts or turn them into outlines

  • graphics should have a resolution of 300dpi or higher

  • leave a 6mm safety margin to the edge of the sheet for text or items you don’t want to disappear of the edge of the page.

The reason for this is that we expand your page slightly to allow us to add bleed and crops to your work and all the other things we need to create your order.

We recognise that some of you are print professionals looking for a higher degree of control over your order and we are happy to give you that extra flexibility.

Most other printers are used to dealing with print professionals and designers. They assume everyone has advanced skill levels, when you don’t you are usually penalised for this in higher file handling charges.

Below are some of the common requirements demanded by other printers; compare this to our easy solution opposite.

Bleed area should be set at 3mm, Safety Margin should be set at 5mm, Trim marks should be set to finished size, Rules and lines should be set above 0.3 points, Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines, RGB images and spot colours should be converted to CMYK so they separate correctly, Colour images should have a resolution between 300 to 350ppi and greyscale images a minimum of 200ppi, line art should be set at 1200ppi. Blending modes, drop shadows and transparent effects should be supplied flattened. Pages to be printed greyscale should have images and fonts set or tagged as greyscale and rich black should also be converted to greyscale. The above are minimum requirements but the list is not exhaustive and pre-flighting your artwork is recommended.



Printdomain provides first class printing services to bring your designs into print, but when you don’t have the time to design jobs yourself we can put you in contact with one of our carefully selected freelance designers who will be willing to take on your project. A freelance designer will cost you more than a traditional printer would charge for the same design but it is well worth the extra cost since most traditional printers won’t let you have the artwork files you have paid for. If you don’t have the original files you cannot shop around for the best print prices, you're tied to the printer who did the design work, they know this and that’s why it’s initially cheaper to buy from them. Try asking your usual printer for the files from your last job!


We are strategically placed in the centre of the UK next to the major trade routes, 4 miles from the A1 Motorway and just 8 miles from the M1 Motorway.

Our proximity to major distribution centres and routes means we can offer next day delivery as standard, to most parts of the UK, on the majority of our products. We have daily deliveries to central London as well as all major cities, in addition to this you can track the location of your parcels online at any time of day or night.


Does ordering print give you a headache? We have streamlined the process; you won’t get endless sales patter or a myriad of screens to get through just to place an order, you don’t even need to sign in. Our prices are free to view at anytime of the day or night and ordering is just a few mouse clicks with the most minimal of input; then just upload your artwork and you’re done! We don’t use cross selling techniques or shower you with emails for things you will never want or need, we just sell you print and that’s it!



We are confident that our prices for digital print and finishing are the lowest on the internet, but if you should be lucky enough to find an identical product advertised elsewhere at a lower rate we will match that price plus we will give you a further discount of 10%.

This offer only applies to digital print products which are offered for sale via our website and not to any other product or service we may offer from time to time.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the printing or finishing quality you may return your order to us within 7 days for a full refund or a reprint of the order from the originally supplied files.

This offer applies to manufacturing defects only and not to errors or omissions in customer prepared files including but not limited to typographic errors and poor resolution graphics, also this offer does not apply to any kind of colour matching requirements, the customer should obtain a hard copy proof from us before placing an order if exact colour matching is required.

All our papers and boards are sourced responsibly from renewable and recycled sources. Our energy footprint is constantly monitored and all our printing processes are kept clean and environmentally friendly - we actively monitor our carbon footprint and recycle our internal waste. Our location allows for the lowest possible transport costs. Because of our location we enjoy some of the lowest overheads in the UK: rent, rates and other services are well below the national average - couple this with a large and willing workforce of skilled and semi skilled employees and you can start to see why we are in a position to save you money. But we don’t stop there, most of our printing and finishing equipment is fully automated, this means we can print and finish your work very quickly and with the least amount of human involvement possible. therefore creating even greater savings we can pass on to you.
Perfect bound books, magazines and reports
Wire stitched magazines and booklets
Wire bound books, manuals and reports
Leaflets and brochures
supplied flat or folded

Business and appointment cards
Themed business sets and
starter packs
Point of sale advertising
Corporate Christmas and greeting cards

Laminated Restaurant and table menus
DVD sleeves, books and inserts
CD sleeves, books and inserts
Numbered and perforated gaming & lottery tickets
Posters up to A3 size
Postcards and invitations
Weddings: order of service
booklets and stationery
Funerals: order of service
booklets and stationery
Raffle and entrance tickets
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One question we are asked frequently by new print buyers, whether they be other printers looking to buy trade work or designers, publishers, commercial organisations and even private individuals, is how will you print my work? What they are asking is will we print using offset or digital, if we answer digital then, invariably, there is a pause after which the next question is “can we have a sample?”. In some cases, clients will dismiss digital printing out of hand and even refuse to accept samples, due to the poor quality of first generation digital printing. There are reasons for this, when digital printing first hit the commercial market there was a rush towards this new technology, a printing system that could quickly produce short run full colour work at a fraction of the cost of offset printing. The rush was short lived however because it was quickly found that digital printing had its drawbacks both in print quality and its limitations with handling papers and boards used in commercial printing. Many customers who received work produced by these early machines were greatly disappointed with the results and turned back to offset printing because they needed the quality that only offset could produce. A market still exists for cheap and cheerful colour printing and there are still a great many early digital and low grade colour machines in service today but when you attempt to produce offset quality work on these machines the results are invariably unacceptable and only aid in perpetuating the poor quality attached to digital printing.

The output from our state of the art modern digital presses is indiscernible from offset; they will print with brighter and richer colours than offset and can produce high end work on materials which most offset presses will struggle to print on. The modern digital press will produce near perfect CMYK output but will also render spot colours and even RGB colours on the same page. They are equipped with high end, high productivity RIPs with built in colour calibration that makes pre-press work a doddle. The modern digital press has a build quality which far surpasses previous machines and material handling is also now a match for most litho presses. The modern digital press has all the advantageous of low printing costs and speed which the earlier machines had, but none of the disadvantages!
We can offer an in-house laminating service, even on ultra short runs, at a very competitive price. This not only protects the print but gives the finished product a colour depth that has to be seen to be believed. This process used in conjunction with digital printing prevents the work from cracking on creases and folds and is highly recommended for book covers, menus and anywhere print will be subjected to continual handling or arduous conditions.
Offset printing is still the best choice for longer runs. Where the advantages of digital printing end - Offset takes over, providing cost effective longer print runs in full colour. Offset presses equipped with numbering and perforating equipment can also be cost effective where further finishing is required, they allow us to complete some jobs on the press in one pass without resorting to offline finishing.
The modern bindery is highly adaptable and this is an area we have heavily invested in. Automation now allows us to change quickly from producing one type of product to another in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds. In previous times changing machines over to manufacture a different product took skilled engineers and sometimes hours to complete. Now we simply press a button and seconds later the change is complete. These high speed changeovers, without the need for engineering staff, means faster turnaround times, lower costs and high quality products.
Our finishing department also benefits from automation. Even guillotine cutting of the finished work is now automated to a high degree, with every aspect of the modern guillotine under computer control. A single operator can now easily treble his productivity, without fatigue, compared with the basic style="width: 196px; height: 102px" />machines of a few years ago. Accuracy has also been enhanced with cuts made to an accuracy of 0.001 millimetre. With business card and small item cutting the modern machine goes into full automatic trimming and cutting mode, without operator intervention. This again means more savings can be passed on to our customers.


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